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About Seductive Clothing


Founded in 2015 by two lifetime friends who both have an interest in the fashion industry. Being a male and female team we have approached the project from the perspectives of a man and a woman: Women know what clothing makes them feel Seductive and Men know what they like to see women in when they are being Seduced.


I have always wanted to get involved in the fashion industry and have been lucky enough to meet and build genuine contacts and solid relationships with designers and manufacturers over time.


We believe that every lady is sexy and should be able to express themselves any way they feel, so we created Seductive Boutique: An online shop which caters to all ones sensual needs, wants and desires; in order to build and share our collection with you at prices to suit everyone. We do not believe a label or price tag make a person. We believe people make the outfit and our aim is to make quality sensual clothing for those private moments, social occasions, adult toys and fun accessories available to all incomes.


So come on in, take your time and look around be seduced not only by our high quality products but by the Seductive prices also.


Happy shopping!!!